5-year-old child struck, killed by van backing out of driveway

CREATED Jul 28, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 28, 2014

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RACINE -- A family is in shock after their five-year-old daughter was run over by a van on her way to a birthday party. A 16-year-old boy ran over her twice. Racine Police are calling it a tragic accident.

They say the teen driver didn't know he hit anyone but he heard people shouting and yelling. The family says they were screaming at him to stop.
A memorial has been set up at Naomi's Kenosha home. 
"She wanted to be a doctor and she was five," said Naomi's father Bobbie Wilson. 
Her parents remember the bright 5 year old as the light of their world.
"Just joy, light and everything that a father would want, a mother would want a grandmother would want," said Wilson. 
On Saturday Naomi was with her mother when she was run over by a van driven by a 16-year old boy backing out of driveway in Racine. After hearing screams, police say the teen pulled van forward running over the child a second time.
Racine Police say the investigation is ongoing but "all indications are that this was a tragic accident and the steep pitch of the driveway contributed to the driver not being able to see the child," said Sgt. Jessie Metoyer. 
Naomi's family wants police to ask more questions.
"This is not an accident," said the girl's Grandmother Esmeralda Segura," this is something that a child was not aware of what he was doing.
Naomi's family plans to talk with a lawyer on Tuesday.