4th annual TMJ4 'Food 4 The Holidays' a success

Thanks to you, our viewers, many low income families in Southeast Wisconsin will have a proper meal this holiday.

CREATED Dec. 17, 2013

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 MILWAUKEE - You know its a party once the Racing Sausages arrive!  At TMJ4 Tuesday, it was a party for a good cause.



The 4th annual 'Food 4 The Holidays' food drive was a great success, thanks to our generous viewers, and corporate donors like Sargento Cheese.




Portia Young with Sargento explains, "Every 10 cents, every package that was bought by people at Sendiks we donated 10 cents to Feeding America, up to $2,500!"




Local team mascots, Santa, and Mrs. Claus got in on the action.  The Milwaukee Fire Department even drove the rig over--full of food for the hungry.




The top donor of the day:  Boxes of Love--a local organization that sells homemade cookies.  It donated $18,000 dollars to 'Feeding America'.




Trevor Katz is with Boxes of Love.  He says, "I'd just like say thank you to all our customers this year, this year was our biggest year yet."




A big thanks also to our phone bank volunteers, and those who called in to donate. 




TMJ4 managed to raise more than 210,000 meals during the drive-thru drop off donation.  That's more than 10,000 over our goal.