Vandals Tear Up Site of PGA U.S. Bank Championship

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  • The torn-up 17th green at Brown Deer Park, site of the U.S. Bank Championship. | Photo: Journal Sentinel

Vandals tore up a green at the site of an upcoming PGA golf tournament, just two weeks before the event.

It happened at the 17th hole at the Brown Deer Park Golf Course, home of the U.S. Bank Championship to be held July 16-19.

The 17th hole was badly damaged, just two weeks before the annual PGA event.

The damage was likely done by motorcycles.

Some turf was lost in some areas, and trees were also pulled from behind the green. 

All of this happens about two weeks before the golf course hosts the 42nd annual tournament. 

The PGA has been notified of the damage, and at this point, the parks department workers and the tour's director are working diligently to make sure things are up and running in time.

The vandalism happened before a fence was put up around the course, which they put up every year in time for the tournament.

People who work for the golf course say it's the first time this has happened there.