Video: Semi Driver in Hwy 45 Crash Cited for Reckless Driving

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WAUWATOSA - A massive mess on the highway. A semi goes out of control and crashes onto a pick up truck. The semi crashed on Highway 45, blocking all four lanes and creating a problem for thousands of drivers. The semi crushed the back half of the pickup, barely missing the driver. It happened just north of the Zoo Interchange about 3:30 Monday afternoon. The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department says Mark Nunnally was driving the Schneider truck. The Illinois driver was cited for reckless driving and failure to maintain control of his vehicle. Nunnally suffered injuries in the crash, but the extent of them is unknown. It happened as traffic was starting to slow down for rush hour. The Schneider National truck jackknifed, flipped on its side, crushed the back end of the red pick up truck and slid about 200 feet. The Schneider truck was loaded with 31,000 pounds of plastic and paper. One eyewitness tells us the difference between life and death for the pick up driver was six inches. "He's very lucky to be alive today," said Pat Kevin. "If it moved six more inches it would have caught the cab and crushed him." Kevin was driving home in the north bound lanes and could not believe what was happening on the other side of the highway. "I drive a race car. When you go into a wreck everything slows down," said Kevin. "This thing just started slowing down." The Schneider semi ended up sprawled across all four southbound lanes of Highway 45 near Wisconsin Avenue. "It happened so fast all I heard was the bang and the commotion," said Randy Miller. Miller was in another truck that was hit by the Schneider semi. Miller has been a truck driver for 36 years he called the accident one of the worst he had ever seen.