49 acts of random kindness

CREATED Nov 28, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 28, 2013

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MOUNT PLEASANT - A Mount Pleasant woman isn't excited to turn 50 next year. So, she decided to do something that would make her happy. Abby Grahn decided to dole out 49 acts of random kindness to mark her 49th birthday.

"It's one of those stories that can renew your faith in people. Abby Grahn took time away from her own Thanksgiving, coming here to Wheaton Franciscan to share her turkey dinner with a sick friend," said Grahn.

Abby Grahn's family is doing what many of us are doing today. They're carving a turkey, but she'll be leaving for a bit.

"I decided since my birthday was on Thanksgiving that it was a message that I needed to pass on to everybody else," said Grahn.

So Grahn's passing a little holiday sheer to strangers. She started her acts of kindness earlier this month at the DMV.

"And very touching with the DMV lady. She started to cry. she said her mom had just passed recently and she had been thinking about her all day. So I gave her that bouquet of flowers. I think everybody in line had tears," said Grahn.

After dinner today, Grahn and her mother loaded a plate with all the fixings and headed to the hospital.

"It's about treating people how you wanna be treated. One of the things I always do, no matter whatever store I go to, um, I always grab two carts that are out in the parking lot and bring them in. Ya know, you're helping out that person that has to struggle with all those carts," said Grahn.

Abby has filled her neighbors' bird feeders, baked lasagna for firefighters, and gave $16 to a young woman whose credit card had been denied. Forty nine acts of kindness, making a 49th birthday even more memorable.

From Abby's perspective, it doesn't take much to spread joy: a smile, a friendly hello. You never know how your random act of kindness will touch.