Storm Team 4: Damage in Mukwonago

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MUKWONAGO - Strong winds, heavy rains, hail and a weak tornado caused damage in the Mukwonago area Monday afternoon.

The National Weather Service in Sullivan issued a tornado warning and later confirmed that a very weak tornado had moved through the area.

Top winds in the tornado were about 65 miles per hour.

The Weather Service said it was most likely a rain-wrapped tornado and difficult to see.

The tornado traveled from 1.6 miles west southwest of Mukwonago to 1.5 miles east of Mukwonago. It did not cut a continuous path, and it lasted for only a few minutes.

In addition, TODAY'S TMJ4 meteorologist Brian Gotter said there were strong straight line winds at the front of the storm with the gust front.

Mukwonago also had hailstones the size of ping pong balls.

During the height of Monday's storm, a huge old tree crashed to the ground just feet from Stacie Ermis' historic Mukwonago home.

“I heard a big thunder strike and a big boom and a crash and then the sirens started going and it started hailing and I looked out my window and saw the tree on the ground,” Ermis said.

The strong winds also destroyed a wooden swing set in another Mukwonago neighborhood. The swing set was blown into pieces and strewn across the yard.

Further down the road, the winds downed power lines. One of those power lines was next to Randall Meillier's home.

“When the power line came down it blew some sparks and they flew right over the top of the house," he said.

After the initial shock of the damage wore off, the clean up began, and Stacie's boyfriend and friends cleaned up the huge mess the centuries old tree left behind.

Despite the hassle of the clean-up, and the fact that her favorite tree is destroyed, Stacie realizes they are lucky the damage wasn't worse. Her house... one of Mukwonago's originals built in 1854, was spared.

"It would have been pretty tragic to see any part of this house go," she said.

The Mukwonago Fire Department said despite the damage, no one was hurt.