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"I believe these crimes will be solved," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett about the search Milwaukee police are engaging in to find the North Side Strangler.

"We will find him, he will make a mistake or he had made a mistake or we're going to have a family member  that's going to help solve it."

Meanwhile, police have identified a 7th homicide victim linked to the North Side Strangler.

Florence McCormick was found in an abandoned home in the 600 N. Locust in April of 1995. Like most of the other victims she was an African American prostitute and was strangled.

The State Crime Lab is testing more DNA on at least 19 other homicide victims that fit the same profiles. The fear is more cases could be connected to the strangler.

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"The pattern is that this man focuses on women of of color involved in prostitution I think because he knows the crimes will be solved and the fact is we're going to work to solve these crimes," said Mayor Tom Barrett.

The first known victim was Deborah Harris. Shew as found in a river in October of 1986.  Police found the body of Tanya Miller the next day in the rear of an abandoned home.

In April of 1995 the latest victim was Florence McCormick. Two months after that Sheila Farrior's body was also found in a vacant home.

Two months later teenage runaway Jessica Payne is found. Unlike the others who were strangled her throat was cut. Police don't think the serial killer murdered her they say he had sex with her.

In June of 1997 Joyce Mim's body is found. The most recent homicide was Ouithreaun Stokes in April of 2007. She too was discovered in a boarded up home.

Mayor Barrett is confident police and prosecutor will catch this killer.