Final: Packers 31, Lions 21

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4th Quarter

3:28 p.m.  0:00  Packers' 4th Drive
DeShawn Wynn with a 13 yard gain...unnecessary roughness on Josh Sitton....but at least the play proves Wynn can be a factor next year.

6-10 stinks, but it's better than 5-11 and the only loser to the worst team in NFL history.

3:06 p.m.  2:45  Lions' 3rd Drive
Lions on 3rd down: 5-15.  Make that 5-16. 

Much better on fourth, scarily - and again, Calvin Johnson beats someone - this time, Tramon Williams, to get the first down.

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Even if the Packers win this game, that proves AGAIN something has to be done on defense.  Wait...late flag? 

Ah, it's on Detroit.  Kevin Smith grabbed the ball and pushed it into Josh Sitton's face on the bench.

3rd and 29 - Felton makes a catch but gets nailed by Harris for a 2-yard gain.

4th and 27...wasn't it, yes it was 4th and 26 against Philly in an embarrassing loss.  This time...interception by Collins!  Could he go coast to coast?  Nope...penalty marker down.

"There is your dagger!"


2:56 p.m.  7:16  Packers' 3rd Drive
Green Bay 31, Detroit 21
Rodgers-Driver 71 yd TD pass
How about making it a seven-minute touchdown-scoring drive?

Well, we'll settle for a 71 yard TD bomb to give Rodgers 4,000 yards, Driver 1,000 yards and the Packers back to a two-score lead.

2:50 p.m.  7:32  Lions' 2nd Drive
Green Bay 24, Detroit 21
Kevin Smith 9 yd TD run
Thankfully, a Detroit penalty call negates a 35-yard play by Keary Colbert. 

Not so thankfully, Al Harris gets burned by Standiford...STANDIFORD?  Geez, also-rans are turning into all pros against Harris.  Sounds like a miscommunication.  Can't afford communication breakdowns.

Kevin Smith just smashed into the end zone and resumed the bite-your-fingernails ailment in Wisconsin.

2:44 p.m.  9:18  Packers' 2nd Drive
Green Bay 24, Detroit 14
Kuhn 5 yd TD run
Ryan Grant gets over 100 yards on the day.  He finally gets it going.

Jennings to the 10 yard line!  Could we be reaching the score that finally puts Detroit into a hole?

Kuhn to the end zone!  YES!

I think we can take a deep breath.

2:36 p.m.  12:51  Lions' 1st Drive
From the 21, it's a three-and-out, thanks to Jeremy Thompson getting a tip of a pass on 3rd down.  It fluttered like a dying butterfly, or me punting.

2:31 p.m.  14:24  Packers' 1st Drive (continued from 3rd Quarter)
Green Bay 17, Detroit 14
Mason Crosby 36 yard field goal
Langston Moore gets a sack at a very inopportune time.

WHERE IS THE FLAG?  Lee Bodden had his hands all over Greg Jennings worse than your average criminal complaint in a Law and Order SUV case!

Well, it forces a field goal, and Mason Crosby gets to show his 67-yard leg again. 

3rd Quarter

2:27 p.m.  0:00  Packers' 3rd Drive
Ryan Grant "21 yard burst!"...hang on....he ran into the end zone, Wayne thinks the play was whistled dead, but a ref ran with Grant and signaled touchdown.  What's the call?

WHOA!  The ref said TD!  The replay, we think, shows his body never touched the down.  I'm sure Detroit will challenge.

The refs rule that his right hip hit the ground, and looking at the angle the TV folks show, it's right.

That's the first time the opposition has won a challenge on the Packers all year.

Good throw to a wide open James Jones to get across the 50.  This is still scary.

Rodgers has Lee wide open into the red zone...this shows he's looking smart with his progressions...whoa?  INCOMPLETE PASS?  Well, replay shows it, I guess.

Grant powers to the 27 yard line...he's getting 5+ yards on most carries. 

2:12 p.m.  4:31  Lions' 3rd Drive
Mike Montgomery beat his man quickly to stop Kevin Smith on a 2nd down play for a loss, but Colin Cole on the backwash of the play gets a holding call.  It wouldn't have stopped the play, but you commit the penalty and you do it.

You can't give the Lions any hope, people.  This is getting REALLY scary.


After the nine-yard Johnson completion, the words in the newsroom..."This is ridiculous."

Larry before the 3rd down: "You've got to put an end to this madness."

The Packers do on a well overthrown pass, but Peprah nearly had an interception on a diving attempt.

2:07 p.m.  7:24  Packers' 2nd Drive
Dwayne White cleans up the goodies on a coverage sack.  There is absolutely no excuse for the Packers receivers to not get open on any pass play.

Thank you GREG JENNINGS for hanging on to a 47-yard bomb with a great adjustment on a great throw by Rodgers.

Uh oh, Driver gets a little push with Ernie Sims, but no flags.  Keep your heads, Green Bay, against a frustrated Lions team that just wants to lash out.

3rd and 10 at the DET 33: Donald Lee must have picked up Greg Jennings' earlier dropsie disease and let go a short pass.

Ah, they're GOING for it...and Jones gets the dropsies, but there's some yellow hankies on the tundra.  Drat...a post-play dead ball for a first and 10 for Detroit deep in their own territory.

1:57 p.m.  10:20  Lions' 2nd Drive
Green Bay 14, Detroit 14
Orlovsky-C. Johnson 14 yd TD pass
Must make a stuff here, boys.  Or let the Lions penalize themselves with a false start by Backus.

Well, I guess not, thanks to Calvin Johnson being a one-man team who can lead a team back by himself.

1:50 p.m.  11:36  Packers' 1st Drive
And it ends quickly with a Ryan Grant fumble.  Pearson was unblocked by Packers protectors and he took Ryan Grant's legs out while recovering the football.

We can't give these guys life!!!!

1:48 p.m.  11:49   Lions' 1st Drive
On a 3rd and three near midfield, another Johnson catch on Harris, and he gets the first down.  Not like it's a major gashing, but another small notch on Johnson's tally against Harris.

Thank you, Standiford, for a holding penalty that wiped out a 19-yard gain.

NO FLAG?  Calvin Johnson smashed Al Harris to the frozen tundra on a deep pass and no call?  Well, it was overthrown, but Harris could have intercepted that pass.

Thankfully, a bad throw from Orlovsky helps limit potential damage on this drive.

2nd Quarter

1:27 p.m.  1:28  Lions' 3rd Drive
The Packers choose to eat up time outs with the Lions deep in their own territory running the ball the whole time, and they draw a fair catch opportunity for the Packers to kick a million-yard free kick field goal.

In reality, it would be a 69 yard field goal.  The Packers had better cover it if they miss.

It missed by, like, an inch!  That would have been insane NFL history if that would have worked.

1:22 p.m.  0:22  Packers' 2nd Drive
Oh would it be nice to end the first half 21-7, but the Packers have a LONG way to go...nearly the length of the field.  Aah, nothing, but they pin the Lions deep.

1:14 p.m.  3:32  Lions' 2nd Drive
The Lions are using outside running to get the yardage they need, with Kevin Smith grabbing a 1st down on 3rd and 2.

But inside, he's getting nothing, as Kampman, Jolly and Woodson stone him for a -4 loss.

Harris still can't cover Calvin Johnson who gets into Packers territory, and Nick Collins on 3rd down drops a gimme interception.

1:05 p.m.  7:54  Packers' 1st Drive
Starting at the 10, Ryan Grant proves again again he can get to the second level on a 13-yard run.

Finley with another GREAT catch for 27 yards and a safety proved he can make plays.  This kid's got a future if he keeps his head straight.

And keeps his hands on the ball.  He missed a ball through his hands at the Detroit 10.  He had 5' 9" Dexter Wynn beat.

12:51 p.m.  13:52  Lions' 1st Drive (continued from 1st quarter)
Green Bay 14, Detroit 7
Orlovsky-Calvin Johnson 9 yd TD pass
Brandon Chillar actually covered someone on pass defense.  That hasn't happened in seemingly 5 weeks or so.

Another 4th down attempt and Keary Colbert made a catch at the 20 yard line.  I don't expect to see Detroit's punter much all day.

Kevin Smith gets a combo of eight and six yard gains to get a first and goal.  This is not too fun to see Detroit do this.

Johnny Jolly beating Manny Ramirez on 1st down to hold Smith to negative-1 yards.  What did he do, throw a Roger Clemens fastball at his head?  Where's Pedro to toss down Don Zimmer?

Well, Calvin Johnson just figuratively tossed down Al Harris, proving again that he hasn't completely shut down a top receiver in 14 months.

Granted, few could do that recovering from ruptured spleens.

1st Quarter

12:45 p.m.  0:00  Lions' 4th Drive
Whoa?  Manny Ramirez at right guard for Detroit?  Where's the dreds?  Where's Manny being Manny?  Just not gonna make the $25M/year, Manny?

3rd and 5 and the tie between simultaneous catches by Calvin Johnson and Al Harris, but Harris gets flagged for unnecessary roughness.

12:40 p.m.  2:14  Packers' 4th Drive
Green Bay 14, Detroit 0
Rodgers-Finley 3 yard TD pass
Driver with a broken tackle to get a first down, and somehow I expect to hear that a lot more today than Detroit trips into Packers territory.

At last, I'm hearing the words "Ryan Grant BREAKS THROUGH!" by Wayne Larrivee, as Grant does what Mike McCarthy challenged him to do - get past the 2nd level on a run.

Scott Wells has to sit on the bench with an injury!

ANOTHER drop by Greg Jennings.  What is this? 

At least Jeremichel Finley was able to catch the ball in the end zone. 

12:34 p.m.  4:32  Lions' 3rd Drive
Kampman's working against a rookie today, and he's owning him completely.  So did Tramon Williams on 2nd down with beautiful coverage to break up a great slant throw from Orlovsky to Johnson.

Casey Fitzsimmons got the 3rd down catch, but not the 3rd down, so - I'm HIGHLY surprised (see my sarcasm) - they go for it on 4th, and Orlovsky gets the first...WAIT a minute.  They called a time out before the play started.

That sounds like the Lions this year.

Kevin Smith this time actually does gain the first, as they're in Packers territory.  Enjoy this trip, Lions.  You might not see it much.

Especially with Woodson picking off the next pass!

12:29 p.m.  6:36  Packers' 3rd Drive
Greg Jennings just missed a chance to further the cause for pummeling the Lions by dropping an in-the-hands perfect throw by Aaron Rodgers.

ANOTHER drop - Ruvell Martin.  Did the Lions put cold butter on the Packers' receivers gloves or something?  I thought the Patriots videotaping Packers signals in '06 was bad.

We can't give these guys hope!

12:24 p.m.  7:27  Lions' 2nd Drive
Thank you Jason Hunter for three-and-out number two!  A sack because of great coverage on the part of Packers DB's on 3rd and 4 on the 37.

Will Blackmon?  Why do you pick up punts on bounces?  That's the third glaring special teams mistake in the first eight minutes.

12:17 p.m.  8:49  Packers' 2nd Drive
Green Bay 7, Detroit 0
DeShawn Wynn 73 yard TD run
DeShawn Wynn!  Love the Packers sweep on the shotgun formation toss!  I guess two teams can do the unusual play call.

12:12 p.m.  9:47  Lions' 1st Drive
Interesting thing to note that Ryan Pickett ate up Kevin Smith, he was still able to gain two yards because the Lions - the freaking LIONS - got enough penetration to push Pickett back.

Still a three-and-out.  This probably won't be unique today.

When Blackmon was juking and jiving for no return, I noticed a bunch of green shirts within five yards of him, just watching.


12:08 p.m.  12:12  Packers' 1st Drive
Jordy Nelson takes an Alfred Malone mishandle and runs the botched return back to the Detroit 41!  I think they could use that play a lot to improve the worst kickoff return team in the NFL, especially if they keep Mike Stock as special teams coach.

Oh my goodness - Aaron Rodgers loses the grip on the ball and Daryn Colledge recovers for a -24 loss.  Do they count that as a rushing statistic?  I guess that will hurt his yards per carry.

Got a 3rd and 34 play?  They won't need it with Jennings' nice 13 yard gain.

And they run the ball with DeShawn Wynn...why?  Go for a first down, people!  Put these scaredy-cats away! 

Well, they're going for it on 4th and 12...weirder move?  Got Driver for a slant patter for 8 yards. 

Huh????  Playcalling and decisions on downs?  Weird.


12:01 p.m. 
The coin toss goes to the Packers and they'll start the game with the ball.

Pregame Story

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- To some, it might seem trivial to compare the struggles of millionaires who play games for a living to the plight of a blue-collar worker worried about his family's financial future.

But in the eyes of Detroit Lions coach Rod Marinelli, his team has a responsibility to keep fighting in Sunday's regular-season finale against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. It's the Lions' last chance to avoid the shame of becoming the NFL's first 0-16 team, of course -- but to some extent, Marinelli says it's more meaningful than that.

As painful as life has been for the Lions this year, Marinelli wants his players to understand that some of their fans in the hub of America's sagging automobile industry are hurting much worse.

"We have an obligation, not just to play hard, but there's a lot of people out there that are struggling and that would like to quit," Marinelli said. "And people have got their eyes on us. So I think it's part of our responsibility to go out and compete and be humble and stay together and work."

So the Lions keep working, even though nothing they've done has worked.

Detroit has gone through five quarterbacks, traded a marquee receiver and fired president/general manager Matt Millen. The Lions even turned to Brett Favre for advice.

But despite all their efforts -- and Marinelli insists the effort is still there, even if the results aren't -- the Lions are on the verge of becoming the first NFL team to go through a full season without a victory since the expansion 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers were 0-14.

It won't happen without a fight, Marinelli said.

"People seem to want to come and see what a loser looks like, and they have a preconceived notion," Marinelli said. "For whatever reason, that seems to attract people. And my thing has been, we've got to carry ourselves with great dignity, great respect. Now if we didn't try our best and we didn't work and we didn't prepare and we weren't hanging together, then there would be no dignity. But when you're trying your best and doing those things correctly, there is great dignity."

The Lions haven't quit and their locker room hasn't split -- which is more than can be said for past Detroit teams, according to veteran kicker Jason Hanson.

"It's been tough on everybody," said Hanson, who has been in Detroit since 1992. "The more we've lost, the worse it's been. But the guys are still working and practicing hard, and that's truly what's happening. I've said this -- thinking about this, obviously, with a lot of questions this week -- I've seen our locker room a lot worse as far as divisions and the attitude. Surprisingly, this team has held together and is trying during the week, but we're not producing on Sundays."

Now the Lions have one last chance to produce on Sunday, and history says it isn't a very good one. Detroit has lost its last 17 games in Wisconsin, a streak that began in 1992 and includes a 1994 playoff game.

But the Packers will face a unique kind of pressure themselves. As if falling to 5-10 wasn't bad enough after going to the NFC championship game last season, imagine being the only team that loses to the lowly Lions.

"I'm fully aware of everything that's going to surround this game, and the position Detroit is in," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. "But that's not going to affect the way we go about preparing for the game, and I don't see it affecting the way we're going to play the game."

Has McCarthy talked to the team about what the reaction would be to losing to an 0-15 team?

"I don't ever talk about losing," McCarthy said.

But he certainly has seen too much of it. The Packers have lost five straight, and their last four losses all have come by four points or less.

Asked if he found it hard to believe the Lions were 0-15, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he found it hard to believe the Packers were 5-10.

"It's a crazy game," Rodgers said. "Every season you see things that surprise you. They've been close in a lot of games, have been ahead in the fourth quarter. They just haven't finished it off, kind of like us."

And the Lions do have reasons to be confident going into Sunday. Detroit's Week 2 home loss to the Packers earlier this year was a close game -- by Lions standards, anyway.

After falling behind 24-9, Detroit came back to take a 25-24 lead before the Packers scored 24 unanswered points.

In the wake of that game came a report from Fox Sports that Favre gave Millen inside information on the Packers' offense -- a report Favre denied.

Well, mostly denied.

Either way, McCarthy didn't want to revisit the topic this week.

"Brett Favre doesn't work here anymore," he said.

Packers offensive lineman Daryn Colledge said the Lions' Week 2 rally against the Packers might give them confidence.

"I've got a feeling they're going to pull out all the stops, so that makes them a dangerous team," Colledge said. "They've got playmakers, just like we do."

Hanson has imagined the pressure of facing a winning kick with a winless season on the line, and he'd much rather have the Lions win by a couple of touchdowns.

He just can't believe it has come to this.

"Obviously, everybody here knows we're not a good team," Hanson said. "But an 0-15 team at this point? It's just hard to take in. It's puzzling. I don't mean to say nobody feels like we didn't do it ourselves. All our names are on this. But it's just surreal."

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