Callahan Hopes for 6-8 Month Tenure as Archdiocese Interim Administrator

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Milwaukee's Catholic community has a new leader.

Auxiliary Bishop William Callahan has received the title of Interim Administrator.

It's a job he know is temporary, though he doesn't have an exact timeline on when he has to give up the role at the point the Vatican has a permanent replacement for now-New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

"We're beginning, and probably have begun already, intensive prayer," explained Callahan on 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News."

"The Holy Spirit is making sure that we're all pretty clear on the concept of waiting, as we want to do, and hope that the time is going to be short."

How short?

"We're hoping the time is going to be six to eight months, but there's never any telling just how that's going to work. These things move at their own rate at the Vatican."

In the meantime, Callahan sees that his job will be to keep the ship moving straight ahead on the path that Dolan took for his seven years on the job in Milwaukee.

"I think we try to maintain the good work that was begun by (Dolan) and maintain the course that he kept until the Holy Father decides that he's going to give us a new shepherd," says Callahan, who gives a telling phrase to add to his comment:

"Which we hope will be pretty soon."

Dolan A Hard Act To Follow

Many people who have followed the career of Dolan and his tenure in Milwaukee would certainly say that to fill his shoes is a dramatic challenge.

Callahan, without a doubt, agrees, which perhaps gives a bit of understanding as to why he doesn't seem to want to change many courses with the Archdiocese.

"That's for sure," said Callahan.

"Archbishop Dolan is certainly going to be missed, and is missed, but nevertheless, the work that he did here is the work of the Church, and I think he'd be the first one to say that we definitely want to keep a positive outlook, a positive idea as to what's going to be happening.

"We have a good number of priests who are all set and raring to go. Our people are inspired and confident, and the work of the Church continues."

Callahan is thankful that the staff Dolan built, and the efforts he started, will continue on his watch.

"At this point, if we can just keep going in a positive direction, I think all will be well. We have no reason to doubt that.

"All the people who advised and counseled Archbishop Dolan, the good and faithful lay people who have been out there helping us, they're all still here, all still intact.

"They've all signed on and are ready to go with us. We're pretty confident about the fact that things will continue in a very positive mode."