Sinkhole 20' Deep on East Side

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When the Milwaukee Fire Department’s Engine 21 hit a bump on the west end of the Locust Street Bridge, Captain Sean Slowey knew it was more than a pothole. “When I looked out the window I could see down into that two foot hole,” Slowey said. “It could have been very bad.” He noticed what hundreds of drivers and pedestrians missed, a massive dangerous sinkhole on the verge of collapse. Small on the surface, the cavity below is at least 20 feet deep and about 30 feet wide. “Crews will be here all night,” said Bob Brooks, streets director for the Department of Public Works. “The buses have to be rerouted. We’re going to have to keep the street closed throughout the night until we can get this repaired.” Thawing and traffic vibrations likely busted a sewer main. The void left by the broken pipe caused this slow underground erosion over days, possibly weeks. To repair the section of Locust, a road crew must bring down the street and build it up again. That means at least one noisy night for people who live in nearby apartment and condo towers. “I live right in the front, too,” said Katie Hobson. “It will probably be a pretty sleepless evening for me.” Locust Street between Humboldt and Cambridge is still closed as crews repair the road. That will likely impact Wednesday morning commutes and bus routes.