Brewers Fans Celebrate on a Budget

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  • Fans get ready for opening day. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The tough economy didn't stop fans from coming to Opening Day, but that doesn't mean money isn't on their minds.

Luis Reyes and his wife love Opening Day, but they don't love the prices inside Miller Park. So they bring their own drinks and food.

"It's gonna cost me 50% less than what it would cost me in the ball park," Reyes said.

They were the fourth car into Miller Park, so they got into the parking lot at 8 AM. They ate breakfast and lunch in the parking lot.

"We didn't spend a penny inside," Reyes said.

The Reyes' aren't alone. The Heckmans of Menomonee Falls also brought their own food and drinks. They also plan on taking advantage of Brewers deals, both on line and at Miller Park.

"We're always looking for a good deal," dad Dan Heckman said.

Since the Brewers are ranked as one of the most affordable teams in baseball, and since there are deals to be had, fans won't let the bad economy stand in the way of them watching their favorite team.

"We'd probably have to go to one or two games a year. As opposed to coming to every game we want to come to, and bringing our stuff with us," Reyes said.

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