Catholics Go Vegan for Tailgate... Or Not

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  • Fans lined up before the parking lots open at Miller Park. | Photo: Erik Bilstad

Friday is the day Brewers fans have been waiting for all winter long- Opening day.

The matchup between the Brewers and the Cubs wasn't the only battle at Miller Park. There's also the conflict between meat and fish. Catholics know Friday was Good Friday- and meat isn't allowed. Even at the tailgate.

There's no shortage of bratwurst at the tailgate, and no shortage of Catholics, either.

"My mom will be so upset," says one woman as she grills up some burgers.

"I'm sorry God. I'll go to church on Sunday."

Some feel Opening Day gives them an excuse to avoid the no meat rule. Others feel poultry is just bending the rules.

"I had a turkey brat . Does that count?"

Some families, though, brought a seafood feast to the park. They say Opening Day or not- Good Friday means avoiding meat.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who gave Catholics a pass on the no meat rule for St. Patrick's Day last year, wouldn't provide the same accommodations for Friday.