Suspected Dealer's Neighbor Speaks Out

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A teenage girl was dragged unconscious onto a front lawn. Lucky for her, a Marine was the one who found her and knew just what to do.

Devin Fedel arrived home on a blustery February night and saw a teenage girl lying in front of his house.

"She was cold. She wasn't moving, she wasn't breathing," says Fedel.

Fedel's next door neighbor was there too; with a purse and blanket. He claimed he didn't know the girl.

"He said she fell on the sidewalk and then he dragged her to my yard; but the way she was facing, the way she was dragged, didn't make any sense to me."

That neighbor was Phillip Brooks. The 32 year old man was charged in court with selling heroin out of his Waukesha home.

Police say he shot up the 16 year old girl with heroin. When she overdosed, he dragged her body in to Fedel's yard.

"If I didn't come home she would've died for sure. He would've just left her there," says Fedel.

Fedel performed CPR. An ambulance rushed the victim to the hospital. She recovered. Now Brooks faces years in prison.

"I hope he gets everything that's coming to him. It's terrible."

Fedel says the girl and her family have thanked him for helping save her life. He also says he suspected his neighbor was selling drugs and hopes this arrest puts an end to it.