Stancl's Friends Say Scheme Out-of-Character

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  • Anthony Stancl in court | Photo: Today's TMJ 4

People are shocked by the accusations against Anthony Stancl, but none so much as his friends.

Vincent Talatzkl says Stancl was a smart kid who worked as a computer programmer and wrote blogs for the Obama campaign.

"He just didn't seem like the kid who would happen to do stuff like this. He just seemed like a really good kid."

The school superintendent says Stancl was not the type to draw negative attention to himself.

Still, 2 months ago he talked about a bomb threat on his Twitter account. He wrote, 'Police are here. They want to speak to me.'

Later he says, "This will be my last message for awhile. Going offline for a few weeks at least."

Another of Stancl's friends, Ryan Cristan, remains shocked.

"He was like a goody-two-shoes guy. He was like a mama's boy sort of kid."