Craigslist Seller Robbed

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A man trying to sell his big screen TV on Craigslist had someone break into his house.

When the man found an interested buyer, he gave out his address.

"When I got home from work the window was broken," the man, who chose not to be identified, said.

"He didn't take the TV I was selling.  He took the TV in my bedroom."

Police see a lot of stolen TV's this time of year. 

"The burglar will drive down look and you can tell what people have purchased by looking at the boxes laying on the ground," said Sgt. Alberta Riestra with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Another mistake people make is to unintentionally advertise their big TV's in their front window.

Police did catch the Craigslist robber. Authorities suggest that you should meet a potential buyer at a neutral location, not your house.