Battle with Seattle: The Cheesehawk

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  • The cheesehawk. | Photo: Darrell Drentonoch

Next game: Saturday, January 12
NFC Semifinals vs. Seattle

Packers Gameday at 12:30 p.m. on Newsradio 620 WTMJ.

Click here to listen to Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Tim Lethlean talk with Darrell, who describes his creation.

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It's the Cheesehawk - half cheesehead for Packer fans, and half Seahawk for those rooting for Seattle.

The Cheesehawk is the brainchild of Darrell Doepke, a man who has plenty of roots around here.

"I went to high school in the Milwaukee area, I went to college at UW-Eau Claire, and all the time growing up our family never had the financial means to go to a Packers game," said Doepke.

The bad news is that 20 years ago, Darrell moved to Seattle.

"I became a Seahawks fan shortly after I got here, but my heart is still with the Packers," claims Doepke.

Darrell is thrilled to be making his way to this Saturday's playoff game, and he's doing his best to honor his loyalty to Green Bay and Seattle by donning a very original hat.

"It's a combination of a cheesehead and a Seahawk," Doepke states.

"I thought it might be an appropriate way to show my support for both teams."

Darrell admits he burned plenty of time putting together his creation.

"It's yellow felt, it's yellow foam, I used some yellow paint to touch it up. It kind of looks like cheese."

He and his friends and family are psyched to tailgate and go to the big game Saturday, and Darrell isn't too concerned about which side pulls of the victory.

"Honestly, I don't really care who wins the game, as long as it's a good game. I really like both teams."