Duel in Dallas: A Packers Fan Living in Cowboys Nation

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  • Dedicated Packers fan Kelly Orlando (right, before the Packers-Bears game in Chicago in 2006) lives in Dallas and is enduring much taunting and trash talk at her law firm before Thursday's showdown for NFC supremacy. | Photo: Kelly Orlando

Click here to listen to Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Jay Sorgi report about a Packers fan  enduring taunting and trash talk from Cowboys fans in anticipation of Thursday's showdown.

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Ah, Dallas. The land of the blue star, the dome with the hole in the roof, Jerry Jones and many a Packers playoff defeat in the 1990s.

Some Packers fans consider it as evil as anyplace outside of the windy city.

But Kelly Orlando, a lawyer and a lifelong Packers fan from Nebraska, chose to move there.

"I graduated from law school in 2004 and got a job here in Dallas, knowing the whole time that I'd be moving into an anti-Packer area," said Orlando.

Since her move, she's installed a Packers room in her house and Packers decorations in her office. For that, she's endured three years of taunting, though it's usually good-natured.

"I had my Packers sticker on my car and I put my Packers things in my office, and I definitely have gotten a lot of flack for that," said Orlando.

"I had a Green Bay Packers bear in my office with a little Green Bay Packers jersey, and I think within the first month of me working there, my bear had been kidnapped for ransom at least three or four times.

"Everybody does it in good fun."

Though her suffering hasn't always been fun, like in the 4-12 year of 2005.

"I would definitely come to the office and put my head down a little bit because I would talk a little too much the day before the game," admitted Kelly.

This week, with the Packers and Cowboys playing for NFC supremacy, she's really getting the brunt of the Cowboys trash-talk.

"This year has been kind of fun because both teams are doing pretty well," said Kelly.

Her friends have gained a grudging respect for her love of Brett Favre and company, and her co-worker Clint recommended her for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame.

"He's come to my house here a few times in Dallas and seen that we have a full Green Bay Packers room, and he's kind of learned through stories from my family and myself about what kind of Green Bay Packers fan I am, so he decided it would be a pretty good idea to nominate me," stated Orlando.

She's been gone since having a baby and with her going back to work today, let's just say her Cowboys-loving fans have something waiting for her on the day before the big showdown.

"I am a little bit nervous as to the kind of things that might be hanging in my office or disappearing from my office because I haven't been there for three months," said Kelly.

She's not willing to put her money where her mouth is, though.

"I've gotten plenty of e-mails from my Cowboys fan friends wanting to make bets and do all those kinds of things which I usually don't do when it comes to Packers games because, whenever I make bets, usually the worst outcome happens," she says.

Kelly's budget, and the Packers' success this year, may mandate not going to Texas Stadium tomorrow so she can save up for a bigger contest in February.

"I've kind of been debating about whether to save my money for a playoff game or a Super Bowl, so I'm kind of thinking I might rather spend the $2,000 for Super Bowl tickets than spend the $500 for this game," Orlando told us.

She can't wear Green and Gold in the courtroom, but she hopes to have some over her heart Thursday.

"I am going to attempt to wear some sort of Packers jersey under my suit, and probably on Thursday as well," said Kelly.

And what does she think will happen in the big game at Texas Stadium?

"28-20, Packers."

Enough to make her Cowboys-loving co-workers sick, and hopefully keep them quiet for a while - at least until a possible playoff rematch.