Crandon Shooting: Charlie Neitzel's Story

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  • Forest County Sheriff's Deputy Tyler Peterson, who shot and killed six people in Crandon.

Click here to listen to Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Erik Bilstad tell Charlie Neitzel's recount of the Crandon murders.

"Tyler Peterson is a cold-blooded murderer."

Those are the words of Charlie Neitzel, the only survivor of the Crandon shooting. Peterson, an off-duty cop, shot and killed s=ix people, before taking his own life during Crandon's Homecoming weekend during the first weekend in October.

Charlie Neitzel was able to live by pretending to die.

He's the lone survivor of the shootings. He tells the Journal Sentinel's Mike Nichols that Peterson went psycho that night.

The two were friends in grade school, and hung out a little bit in high school.

Neitzel tells the paper that Peterson showed up at Jordanne Murray's house the night of Oct. 6th, because he said they were supposed to hang out.

But Murray told him to go home.

The two were off and on dating for while. He wouldn't leave and Murray threatened to call the cops.

Peterson told her he was the cops.

After pushing Murray down and hitting one of the other girls, Peterson took off. He returned with an assault rifle, and never said a word - and he just started shooting.

Neitzel survived because he played dead after he was shot.

Neitzel says it bothered him when he heard that Peterson claimed he was called a dirty pig, and that's what set him off.

Neitzel calls it a crock, describing Peterson as a cold-blooded murderer, and that's all there is to it.