4 Peregrine Falcon chicks banded, named

CREATED Jun 2, 2014

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OAK CREEK -- Four Peregrine Falcon chicks were born in a nest box at the WE Energies Plant in Oak Creek. 

Monday, Franklin students took a field trip to see the birds, and name the four males. The kids chose: Franklin, Cliff, Hunter, and Flash.

"Well, I really like wildlife, so this is an awesome experience," says fourth grader Niko Dodd.

The chicks each got banded. This will help researchers track the population as it rebuilds.

"The Peregrine Falcon population was nearly wiped out after widespread use of pesticides, like DDT,” explains Cathy Schulze, of WE Energies. “And over the years, it has regrown. But the birds do remain on the endangered species list here in Wisconsin."

The chicks were born in a nest box built into the stack at the Oak Creek WE Energies Power Plant.

For weeks, the fourth graders from Country Dale Elementary School in Franklin have been following the chicks on webcam.

If you’d like to see the chicks live, click here: http://we-energies.com/environmental/protect_wildlife.htm