29th Waukesha Janboree a hit

20 to 30 thousand people attend

CREATED Jan 18, 2014

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WAUKESHA - A lot of people enjoyed the 29th Annual Waukesha JanBoree.

Event coordinators say 20 to 30 thousand people will attend. Attendance is up from last year because of the great weather.

Kids took turns transforming blocks of ice into art. It’s just one of the dozens of activities offered at JanBoree. Many are winter-related, and most are free. Parents also had a blast!

“Oh I love this!” laughs Michael Franke. He was out with his son and daughter. “I get to be a kid again.”

One of the more popular activities is the toboggan run.

“Now it’s pretty easy” says Olivia Eckes. “But when we first got started, it seemed pretty scary, going down big icy hills.”

An outdoor hockey tournament was perfect for those who wanted more of a competitive challenge. Many of the activities were packed. Last year, attendance was slightly lower, and the weather was worse.
“Last year was a little warm for the weekend,” recalls Special Events Coordinator Joanna Adamicki. “We didn’t have a lot of snow, so it just makes it feel more like a JanBoree when we have snow.”

Meanwhile, back at the toboggan run, it’s a short break, and then more fun!

“It’s so fun because you get to slide down the hill and the snow is already packed down so it’s really fast,” exclaims Alexis Franke.

The fun continues through Sunday. Some of the highlights will be an ice fishing clinic and an Alaskan Malamute Dog Pull.