Milwaukee businessman makes racist remark at immigration reform rally

CREATED Jul 10, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- A Milwaukee businessman made a racist remark in reference to President Obama as part of a bigoted rant during an immigration reform rally in Waukesha on Wednesday.
Dagoberto Ibarra, a Milwaukee-area developer, took to the podium and called Republicans Nazis, suggested tea party members were with the Ku Klux Klan and said that Congress isn't making progress because the president is black.
"If you're white you're OK. If you're not white you are selling drugs, smuggling, you're no good. I'm brown, as brown as I could be. And I don't see anybody doing anything," Ibarra said. "They all pass the buck. Congress has done nothing. Most useless congress in the last eight years. You know why? Because the *expletive* is in charge."
Business leaders at the rally denounced Ibarra's remark, saying they were unaware of his views. 
Ibarra later apologized for the comment in a phone interview with a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter.