Dirty Dining

Third Ward Ale House affected by 'domino effect'

CREATED Nov 14, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The owner of this popular restaurant in the Third Ward says they were experiencing the "perfect storm" when the health inspector stopped by.
The Milwaukee Ale House on Water Street had four pages of problems on its inspection.  Some of those were food temperatures.  Gumbo, chicken stock and roasted veggies were all too warm.  Owner Jim McCabe told us a cooler went down and needed new parts, and that started a domino effect.
"So we're in the process of emptying this out, moving things around trying to get ready for Friday lunch and guess who walks in," McCabe said.
The inspector found burger patties uncovered in a cooler, and raw meat stored over ready-to-eat food. McCabe calls it a blow but also commented "it's all on us."
Employee beverages were sitting on top of cutting boards, and the handles of ice scoops at the bar were touching the ice used in customer's drinks.  A burger ordered medium was not cooked to the right temp, something McCabe told us they can't figure out.  
"These guys know what they're doing. We haven't had any burgers returned on temperature issues."
McCabe added they know food handling and called this health inspection a moment in time, "it wasn't our best look that's for sure."