Demolition of Schlitz Park brew house is nearing completion

CREATED Nov 12, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 12, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The Schlitz Park renovation is nearing completion.  The final phase includes the demolition of the old brew house on W. Galena St.

The Schlitz Brewery was built along the Milwaukee River in 1870 and remnants of the beautiful brewery remain as Schlitz Park, a 46-acre office complex.

Large pieces of machinery are meticulously taking down the 200,000 square foot historic brewhouse and sorting through the debris.

"It's like a ballet," developer Gary Grunau tells me.  "Some (machines are) taking the building down, others are sorting the debris.  It's almost like a surgical operation."

Most of the materials will be reused, according to Grunau.

"About 99% will be kept and salvaged for other buildings," he explained.  "Copper pipe, steel, and cream city bricks.  We're storing them to be used in other parts of Schlitz."

The tenants of Schlitz Park love the re-purposing of old materials.  They also seem enjoy watching the demolition too.

"They're out here all the time," Grunau laughed.  "I've had complaints (from company bosses).  People are watching more than they should be.  They should be working."