Questions remain after missing teen found safe in Chicago

CREATED Nov 11, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 11, 2013

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WALES, Wis. - The small towns of Genesee and Wales waited after Kathryn Stalbaum's disappearance for her safe return.   On Monday, they were still waiting, but this time, it's for answers about what happened.

Student after student at Kettle Moraine High School Monday were thrilled to hear their classmate was found safe in Chicago Friday night.
"I think it just lifted a huge weight off the community's shoulders. So it's good that she's back," said Amber Young, a junior at Kettle Moraine.
"A lot of people at school are wondering if she was kidnapped or did it on herself, but I mean I guess we won't know until things come out but we're all happy that she's safe," said Kenzie Welzel, a junior at Kettle Moraine.
And while students cheer the fact that Kathryn is safe, the superintendent is now making plans for her return and says she's talking to Kathryn's family.
But as they rejoice in her return, the fact remains that in her absence, this community worried sick about her. Now, they just want to know why.
"Yea it's nice to know that it's over but nobody really knows why she was gone and I guess that still kinda has people on edge," said Zac Preston, a student at Kettle Moraine.
"They're just talking about what happened to her, maybe she ran off, or was she kidnapped and other things like that, so it got pretty scary around here," said Andrew Roskopf, a concerned parent in the neighborhood.
Waukesha County Sheriff's Deputies on Monday said they're giving Kathryn time to open up and would not confirm nor deny at this point whether Kathryn ran away.
We also spoke with Chicago police on Monday.  They say Kathryn actually walked in to the District one police station on Friday evening and told them she was a missing person from Wisconsin.  They say she had no visible signs of injury.
That's when Chicago contacted the FBI, Waukesha deputies and Kathryn's family.