Milwaukee Police shoot, kill armed suspect downtown

CREATED Nov 11, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 11, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Police have killed a man who shot at a car near the downtown transit center in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Police chief Ed Flynn say that at about 7:00 a.m., a 56-year-old man was driving a car when an armed man went up to his car and pulled a gun on him near the corner of North Lincoln Memorial Drive and East Michigan Avenue.

The 56-year-old man pulled away from the scene at which time, the suspect fired a round at his car.

Flynn says the man drove around the corner, called 911, and circled the block to see where the suspect was.

"He was smart enough to have his door away 911 right away.  His assistance (was) invaluable," said Flynn.

When police arrived, the victim stayed at the scene and helped police with a description of the suspect.

Police entered the transit center and found the suspect on the second floor.  That suspect was holding a pistol in his hand.

According to Flynn, officers confronted him, made demands for him to drop weapon, and tried to negotiate.

During that time, the suspect threatened officers with the pistol, and three police officers fired on him.

The suspect was injured.  Police tried to save his life, and the Fire Department also tried to revive him, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

"A highly unusual set of circumstances...a lot to learn about the decedent," said Flynn.

Flynn said they did not identify the suspect.  He explained that the officers are
- 35 years old with 16 years experience
- 37 years old with 11 years experience
- 41 years old with 21 years experience

Police closed a number of streets in the area, which is near Discovery World, the Milwaukee Art Museum and the US Bank Building.  The re-opened those streets at about 11:30 a.m. Monday.

Jon Byman, Jonah Kaplan, and Jay Sorgi contributed to this story.