Missing couple from Wisconsin found in Montana

CREATED Nov 4, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 7, 2013

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HELENA, Mont. - A couple from Wisconsin spent nearly a week stranded in their car in Montana.  Mark and Kristine Wathke are from Cornell, Wisconsin.

They were last seen leaving the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park, on their way to Miles City, Montana. But they never made it.

Monday morning, they were found alive and well - stranded on the Beartooth Highway near Long Lake.

Mark and Kristine Wathke are lucky to be alive. They've been missing for nearly a week. Friends and family were worried sick.

"There are so many different scenarios and things that could've happened,” expressed family friend Shawn Beck. “They could've been off the road somewhere and their vehicle is stranded in a ravine that isn't easily seen from the road. That's most likely the scenario Montana and Wyoming had been looking at."

An owner of a local guest ranch heard they were missing and decided to hop on his snowmobile and look for Mark and Kristine.

The rancher who found the couple said they were able to start the engine to keep warm.  They also had plenty of water and some food.

The Beartooth Highway has been closed since September because of all the snow. The couple was found cold, and hungry, but they are going to be okay.