Honor Flight vet has one-of-a-kind Christmas gift from Korean War

CREATED Nov 4, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - All this week we’ll be bringing you stories from this weekend’s Honor flight. Today, the story of a Korean vet from Pewaukee who may have a one-of-a-kind Christmas card.

Warren Hansen served in Korea from1951 to 1952. The Christmas he spent in a fox hole is now the stuff of real life legends.

“In the morning when it got light, I [saw] it hanging in an envelope so I crawled down and I got it,” he said.

The “gift” that he spotted was a Christmas card from the Chinese military.

“I [saw] this envelope hanging on this wire about 150 feet in front of us, and there was a little kit stocking with candy in it,” he explained. “Well I just snuck down, I had to see what it was. So I just crawled down and I got it. And I kept the card, and I threw the candy away.”

Why toss the sweet stuff??? Well, it WAS a war.

Hansen sent the card home in a letter to his mom for safe keeping. It is now perfectly preserved and laminated, with three Christmas bells on the front, and one eerie message inside. Honor Flight President Paula Nelson read the note:

“Whatever the color, race or creed, all plain are brothers indeed. Both you and we want life and peace. If you go home, the war will cease. Demand peace, stop the war. Greetings from the Chinese people’s volunteers. Korea 1951.”

Hansen said he’s tried to find other examples of other soldiers with similar memorabilia from Korea.

“I went to the Internet, the only place we found was in Canada,” he said. “I may have the only one in the United States.”

A local hero with a one-of-a-kind war memory the rest of the world can now share.

On Tuesday, we will share an example of how the Honor Flight program is making sure future generations understand how our local veterans secured the future of our country.