Two hit and run accidents raise concerns on Milwaukee street

CREATED Nov 3, 2013

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 MILWAUKEE -- There were two hit and runs just hours apart.  And now that it'll be darker an hour earlier, residents are concerned that more people may get hurt.

Neighbors say cars zip by - despite road signs that say slow down. A man was crossing the street when he was hit by a car near 68th and Howard.
"You hope they'd slow down,” says resident Michael Hansen. “You can't really make the other people do what you want them to do."
Police were able to later identify the driver, when someone called them and told them where the car was. The accident doesn't really surprise people who live around here.
Neighbors tell TODAY’S TMJ4 as soon as the light turns green, drivers hit the gas. They’ve seen them go as fast as 40, and even 50 miles an hour. 
The stoplights are new. Before that, residents say, it was a four-way stop. Other neighbors don't think it's made a difference. They say they still sees cars racing to get around other cars who aren't going as fast.
"I would suggest that pedestrians stay off the road if they can, and that the drivers slow down on this road, because it's not really a race strip," said one resident.

They've even asked authorities to help.
"At least two of the neighbors have called repeatedly for someone to come out and speed trap. And usually, the police department's pretty stretched as it is," noted another resident.
The man who was struck is in serious condition at a hospital. Another man is also recovering after being hit by a car on the north side.  Police took that driver into custody.