Graeme Zielinski's third OWI arrest pleaded down to OWI - 1st

CREATED Oct 17, 2013

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JEFFERSON COUNTY - Graeme Zielinski was arrested earlier this year for his third offense OWI, but that offense has been pleaded down to OWI - 1st.

According to, Zielinski's first OWI occurred "outside the time frame" the state statute allows to be included with the new crime.

His second drunken driving arrest occured in 1999 in Virginia, but "records of that arrest reportedly could not be located by Virginia officials," the Jefferson County District Attorney's office told RightWisconsin.

Because of this, the OWI arrest has been pleaded down to a first offense, which only requires a citation and court-mandated counseling in Wisconsin.

The charges of lane deviation and not registering his vehicle were dropped by the Jefferson Co. DA.