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West Allis store offers selection of adaptive clothing

CREATED Oct 14, 2013

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WEST ALLIS - A new clothing store is offering a new kind of shopping experience in West Allis. Co-owner Neil Sherman says opening the shop was a "passion".

Accessible Wear is a store for people with unique needs, from the elderly to those with disabilities. Nursing assistant Melissa Mehrtens explains, "We take for granted sliding our arms down a button down shirt and buttoning it. Well, if you've had a stroke and have had left- side impairment or arthritis you cant do that anymore."

The store is Accessible Wear located at 11045 W. National Avenue. It features adaptive clothing for people of all ages. Neil Sherman calls the shop a labor of love. "A lot of people that have loss of limb don't like to wear their  prosthetic around the house. But they still want to look nice and feel comfortable."
Many of the clothes at his store come with snaps, velcro, even magnets.
Sherman says his parents inspired him to open Accessible Wear. He recalls several times not being able to find proper clothes for his elderly mother.
Sherman says, "I was buying a lot of things online for her but we'd get them and she wouldn't like they way they feel or the quality. I was always going to the post office returning them."
Neil Sherman says he's heard from people all over the state thanking him for opening a shop that gives those with limited mobility better options for style.
Sherman adds, "That's our passion. To  help make them look good  and feel good about themselves. We want them to come in and this will be their home."