Gov. Walker: Deal for Kenosha casino still possible

CREATED Oct 10, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 11, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - 3,000 jobs are on the line. Governor Walker laid out what it will take to make a deal.

In an exclusive interview, he told our Charles Benson how he's working to make it happen.
Governor Walker isn't backing down from what he wants in a deal. He says all eleven tribes still have to agree to the Kenosha plan.
But TODAY'S TMJ4 has learned Walker will sit down with the tribes next week to see if he can work out a deal.
Benson: If you had to make a decision today, would you be able to make one?

Walker: Well in our case literally the decision is up to Menominee.

Benson: But people are going to want you to make the decision?

Walker: I did. I made the decision two years ago. I said here is the criteria.
The criteria includes getting all the tribes to sign off on the Menominee Indians plans to build an 800 million casino in Kenosha. The project is expected to bring thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of tourists and million of dollars to the state.
Benson:Can you afford to say no?
Walker: Well that's part of the reason we are having this discussion.
The discussion centers on what impact a new casino would have on all the other casinos that could lose jobs, visitors and revenue.   
"If you have one place that stands to gain, potentially Potawatomi, Ho-Chunk, Oneida, Mole Lake and others have raised concerns on how it might affect them," said Walker.
But if you think the odds are against everyone agreeing, here's what the Governor told Charles Benson.
Walker: I think there is potentially a way we can get a win win out of this but it's got to be one were people are willing to come to the table and not just talk about who is going to win and who is going to lose.

Benson: So the door to a deal is not closed?

Walker: That's right. that's absolutely right and not only has it not been closed we've got our foot in it to make sure it won't be closed until we get all the way to the end of our time frame.
The time frame comes to an end in 12 days. The deadline for a deal is October 22. That's the day the Governor wants a final answer from all the tribes.
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