Off-duty Milwaukee police captain shoots at suspect to protect wife

CREATED Oct 2, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee police officer shot at a teen Monday morning after his wife feared for her safety.

The incident happened just after midnight Sept. 30 in a garage near 60th and Capitol. The woman entered the garage, but noticed a "suspicious occupied car in the alley near a neighbor's garage," according to Lt. Mark Stanmeyer with Milwaukee Police.

"She was fearful that the occupants of that car were going to harm her, so she remained in the garage with the overhead and service doors closed," Lt. Stanmeyer said. "She called her husband, [who is an] off-duty MPD Captain, who was in the house and told him that the occupants of the suspicious car were waiting for her to exit the garage."

The officer grabbed his service weapon and approached the garage, where he saw a suspect armed with a handgun standing outside the car. He shouted "Milwaukee Police Department", and the suspect turned toward him with the gun.

The captain fired his gun, fearing for his safety.

The suspect then got into the car, which was later found to be stolen, and sped off. Another police officer on duty saw the car, near 51st and Burleigh. The men in the car abandoned it and began running, but were arrested shortly after.

"The suspects are both 17-year-old males from Milwaukee with lengthy arrest records," Lt. Stanmeyer explained. "Neither suspect was injured. We believe the suspects may be responsible for several recent robberies on Milwaukee's north side."

The captain has been with the Milwaukee Police Department for 33 years. The case is still under investigation.