Surveillance video shows car crash at Cedarburg High School

CREATED Sep 23, 2013

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CEDARBURG -- Security cameras captured everything but the gossip.

Police say teen drama got the best of a young girl behind the wheel, who then sped out of the parking lot but lost control of the vehicle instead.

On wet pavement no less, investigators say the teen took a sharp turn and slid off the lot and right into the Bulldog's dugout.

"We want the kids to pay attention, watch their speed and control their emotions," Det. Mike McNerney said. "If they're upset, take a few minutes to calm down before they get in the vehicle."

McNerney says he's glad no one got hurt -- especially since the wreck could've taken place when students swarm the lots during lunch or after school.

Officers cited the teen for obstruction and reckless driving. She'll head to municipal court and face unspecified fines and at least six points against her license.