Watertown is well-known for its soda industry

CREATED Sep 12, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 12, 2013

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WATERTOWN - Water may be in the city's name, but soda runs through Watertown's industry. At least two well known companies in Watertown are in the soda industry.

Wis-Pak is a bottling company that makes Pepsi products. "They are important in our community because they do employ several hundred people," said Susan Dascenzo with the Watertown Chamber of Commerce.

"They are very philanthropic and a lot of their employees are volunteers in a lot of organizations in our community," Dascenzo said.

In addition to Wis-Pak, there is a family owned company that distributes 7-Up and Dr. Pepper products to several counties in our area.

There's irony in the connection, although Watertown's mayor, John David, points out that while the companies sell soda, "another aspect of their business is the distribution of bottled water."

"Generally speaking, your neighbor might work at 7-Up or Wis Pak," David joked. "Your uncle might have driven a truck or someone you know just got a job there."

The first lady isn't necessarily going to beat up on soda. She's just pushing people to drink more water.