Dirty Dining

Popular grocery store has some problems to clean up

CREATED Sep 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 6, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A popular grocery store and spot to grab a meal on the south side had some problems to clean up. Here's what health inspectors found.
The first - El Rey on 16th near National.  An employee was touching ready to eat food without gloves.  Those taco bowls were then served to customers.  Owner Ernesto Villarreal says "the salad bowl they use it like a plate. The cook, he thought he can touch it.  Normally they don't eat the shell, only the food." The employees are now using gloves.
There were pinto beans in the basement, uncovered. Villarreal claims they are dry; they didn't know a cover was necessary. A cooler was running more than 10 degrees too warm.  We were told it was defrosting and when they checked it an hour later the temperature went down. 
Another cooler holding melon and parfaits was also too warm.  According to the owner they were packing too much food into the space, and it wasn't cooling off.
There was mold and slime in the ice machine and in the meat case, condensation was dripping on the chicken.
Also, a sink in the bakery didn't have any soap.  Villarreal tells us they will get it all clean when inspectors come back.  "We correct almost all because they give us until the eleven to fix them."
On the east side - Victor's on Van Buren also had some violations to fix, like problems cooling down food.
And with a clean health inspection, The Calderone Club downtown on Old World Third.