Blogger couple on being pregnant with twins: 'We're pissed'

CREATED Sep 5, 2013

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An anonymous couple that recently became pregnant thanks to in vitro fertilization isn't as excited as you might think.

The couple struggled to get pregnant for almost two years, according to a CNN report. Despite efforts to conceive naturally and by using intrauterine inseminations, they couldn't find success.

But recently, the couple discovered that they would be parents - to twin boys. In an anonymous post on, the couple claims they're less than happy.

"To say we're excited would be an exaggeration," the dad wrote. "More truthfully, we're pissed. And terrified, and angry, and guilty, and regretful."

Why is the couple so upset? In a separate post, the mother wrote "in my mind I had done nothing less than ruin our family."

The couple has yet to be identified. The anonymous father wrote that they considered selective reduction, but decided against it.