Local teachers create YouTube sensation

CREATED Sep 4, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 4, 2013

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UNION GROVE - A couple of talented teachers are the topic of conversation in the halls of Union Grove High School once again.

One year after they posted a music video on You Tube to inspire students, they produced another one.

Last year's production called "In My Class" got nearly 35,000 views, and students say all the publicity helped the school get a new track and field.

This year, Jordan Hein, a PE teacher, and Mitchell Brachmann, a science teacher, did a parody on a One Direction song. They call it, "That's What Makes School Beautiful" and they're hoping for even more You Tube views.

After one week, it already had 7,700 views.

Hein is the one who thought up the idea. He says it came to him in a dream.

"I woke up and I think I was laughing and my wife was looking at me like I was going crazy or something," said Hein.

In the video this year, Hein and Brachmann high-five each other, saying they're best friends. Brachmann says that's true in real life too.

The teachers spent hours altering the lyrics on the One Direction song, sending out emails to get students to participate in the video. Then, they shot nine hours of footage which they condensed to that two minute music video, and, it's again a big hit among students.

We asked Briana Sauder, a senior who was one of the students on the video, what was the craziest part of creating the video.

"I think it was just how many times we shot different scenes, like we would do it multiple times to get it perfect," said Sauder.

The time involved definitely paid off. Fall classes resumed this week and it's the talk of the school.

"Everyone just kept retweeting it and sharing it around," said Ashley Paulick, a senior.

Hein said what matters most is getting a response from students.

"If we can get kids really excited for school and empower them to take control of their own education then that's gonna make it a lot easier for us as teachers once we're in school," he said.


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