Thousands without power in Shorewood Tuesday

CREATED Aug 27, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 27, 2013

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  • Image by KXLN

SHOREWOOD - A big power outage in Shorewood has forced some people from their homes. 

"I went to the window and I saw the power line explode on the east side of Oakland Drive and a big fiery flame," said Mike Larsen.
Larsen is one of many Shorewood residents making plans to spend the night somewhere else - preferably a place with AC.
Larsen not only lost power - he worried about losing his car when a large electrical switch unit caught fire near the parking lot.
"We were hanging out at Mom's and all of sudden we are having a nice time on the deck and there's a large explosion and smoke is surrounding the whole building," said Daniel Breitbach.
Breitbach was looking for a cool place to catch dinner with his mom while they waited for We Energies crews to restore power. 3300 customers initially lost power.
"We've brought in as many crews as we can fit in back there to get this job done because we want to be rectify it as quickly because of the heat," said We Energies spokesman Rick White.  
Maria Breitbach hopes the power and her AC are back on soon.
"We'll stay there all night, we have  no other place to go. The only thing I'm concerned about is all the food in the refrigerator," said Breitbach.
As of 10 p.m. Tuesday night, 200 customers were still in the dark and We Energies says it could take all night to restore power.
The Red Cross has a cooling shelter set up at the Shorewood High School.