Organizers deem 2013 AirVenture a success

CREATED Aug 4, 2013

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OSHKOSH - Event organizers are calling the 2013 AirVenture a sucess.There were some question marks surrounding this event just nine months ago. That's because organizers weren't sure just how much federal sequestration cuts would hurt the air show.

But as the week-long event wraps up, organizers are calling it another great year for the world's largest fly-in.

With visitors to EAA grounds expected to top 500,000 people, EAA Chairman Jack Pelton says a down tick in attendance at air shows nationwide, did not seem to impact AirVenture.

"In spite of not having any military presence here, we exceeded our expectation of having a very, very entertaining event,” Pelton said.

Organizers say the fly-in has a yearly economic impact of about $110 million. A record 821 vendors are on site this year.

"They were very very pleased with the quality of the commerce that took place, there were a lot more sales, a lot of exhibitors even talking about record sales numbers this year,” Pelton said.

"It was crazy busy, we had so many customers coming in,” said A&W franchisee owner Jim Brajdic.

This was the first year for the A&W food tent, the franchise owner says they exceeded profit goals by 40 percent this year.

"We’ve always wanted to get in EAA and we finally had the opportunity and we just love the challenge of a big project like this,” Brajdic said.

For aviation fans, the cost of attending EAA is money well spent.

"It's absolutely worth it now matter how much you spend I think you can spend a very little bit of money here and I think you can spend a lot of money it's just what you want to do and how disciplined you are,” said Mike Henning of Spooner.

Event organizers insist they achieved all of their major goals for 2013, and are looking forward to next year.