Milwaukee bar owner fights social media wildfire

CREATED Jul 22, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 22, 2013

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  • Image by Brian Bzdawka

MILWAUKEE - All Dave Sobelman knows is that "something" happened at his bar, Sobelman's at Marquette, at some point over the last week. He knows someone filed a complaint with Marquette University Public Safety. But beyond that, it's all just rumors. 

"We're begging for someone to give us anything factual," says Sobelman. "Tell us anything. A name, a date."
The lack of facts hasn't slowed the rumor mill on Twitter. One of Sobelman's accounts, @SobesMU, faced a tidal wave of tweets this weekend making a variety of claims, including that someone had drugged a woman's drink. Sobelman says he's heard as many as three different accounts of what allegedly happened, and that's part of his current conundrum.
"How do you respond to a rumor when you have nothing to go on?" he wonders. "Tell us something, or stop spreading rumors, please."
Sobelman claims to have reached out to both Marquette University Public Safety and Milwaukee Police with little success. He confirmed a public safety complaint had been filed with Marquette, but due to confidentiality laws, he was not able to learn when the complaint was filed or what it was about.
At this point, Sobelman says he can only hope everyone continues to be safe at his bar.
"We feel real bad, and we're hoping these are just rumors."
Dave Sobelman joined Wisconsin's Afternoon News Monday afternoon:

You can see some of the tweets from @SobesMU below: