Car drives through living room in strange hit-and-run

CREATED Jul 18, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 18, 2013

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NEW BERLIN - New Berlin police are investigating a strange hit-and-run.
A truck hit a house.  The driver backed out and took off.
Everyone's okay But the house is quite a mess.
"I was laying here and the truck came up through here and the front end was up to here," Miles Thompson explained walking us through the living room.
The aftermath looked like a storm had torn through. A pick-up truck plowed through the glass patio doors the doors taking out walls and furniture in its way. 
Miles was watching tv in the living room when the crash happened, around 1:00 a.m. Thursday morning.
"The window missed me by a foot-and-a-half."
He had been sitting on a sofa across the room 20 minutes earlier. The truck plowed into that sofa, shoving it across the room.
"You can see from the impact glass shreds embedded into the wall."
Police guess the driver was going about 60 miles an hour. But what happened next is even more shocking.
"When I said 'Hey what are you doing?' he just slammed it in reverse and backed right out."
Skid marks show the truck's path over a step, a small tree and other landscaping and through the ditch before it sped away. 
The driver left behind a gaping home and thousands of dollars of damage for Miles and his wife. Still, Miles knows the loss could have been greater had the truck hit him.
"I feel very lucky. We have a crucifix on the inside wall. The crucifix took the damage for me."
Police are still looking for the driver. Miles describes him as a white man with thin build, in his early 20's. He was driving a large black truck and it will have significant damage on the front end and roof.