Some customers upset over US Bank's concealed carry rules

CREATED Jul 13, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 16, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A U.S. Bank customer received a letter from his bank that’s got him outraged. He walked into US Bank with a concealed carry permit and a concealed weapon to conduct his business. Legally, he can carry a concealed weapon. They told him, if he brings it in the bank again, he'll be in big trouble.

Nik Clark, the Chariman and President of Wisconsin Carry knows that customer, Zachary Cantwell. We asked him if he thinks the customer wouldn't be so upset if there had been a no weapons sign posted.

“Yes, absolutely,” explains Clark. “We concealed-carry holders see signs occasionally I think before the law people thought they would see signs everywhere."

Clark saw the letter, that reads: "Further action will be taken if a U.S. Bank employee observes or learns that you or any other customer is in possession of a weapon on U.S. Bank premises."

Some with CCW permits say carrying a weapon inside a bank can be an extra protection, since banks are a target for robberies.

“It's really a bad idea to let the criminal element know that a particular financial institution that has people with a lot of cash .. that those customers are going to be disarmed by company policy,” explains Clark.

He believes sending a letter was extreme, uncalled for, and just poor customer service from U.S. Bank.

“They take it beyond even if they see someone carrying. If they learn of someone carrying, they're going to take further action. That's a pretty threatening statement.”

TODAY’S TMJ4 reached out to the official from the Corporate Security Department who sent the letter. She never got back to us.