Reborn Twinkies are slimmed down

CREATED Jul 12, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 12, 2013

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MILWAUKEE -- We are about to emerge from a dark time in American history.

Starting Monday, the Twinkie will once again be available at stores everywhere. However, it is not the exact same creme-filled baked good you remember.

Walmart started selling the goodies at some locations Friday morning, so we snapped a couple boxes to see how the beloved confection has fared since its disappearance in late 2012.
Upon close inspection, we discovered Twinkie 2.0 is smaller than you might remember -- about 10 percent smaller, to be specific.
The old Twinkie came in boxes of ten that weighed in at 15 ounces. The new ones are also in boxes of 10, but tip the scales at a mere 13.58 ounces.
The calorie count of a lone Twinkie has also shunk proportionally, from 150 calories in the classic product to 135 in the reborn version.