County Clerk's office reopens in new location to issue marriage licenses

CREATED Jul 11, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The Office of the County Clerk is now open at the Milwaukee County City Campus Building located at 2711 W. Wells Street, according to county clerk Joe Czarnezki.

“While Milwaukee County facilities staff and cleanup crews work diligently to repair the Courthouse, the County Clerk’s office will serve the public from another location,” Czarnezki said.

The County Clerk’s office has been getting calls from frantic couples looking for their marriage licenses.

“I have spent the past two days handing out marriage licenses from my home like a drive though restaurant,” Czarnezki said, “ With the help of our dedicated IT staff, my office will be up and running in time to get out marriage licenses for upcoming weddings.”

Czarnezki did say that other County Clerk services will not be available. Only services related to marriage licenses and domestic partnerships will be available.

He is also asking that only couples planning to get married or form domestic partnerships within the next two weeks apply this week.

“If you’re planning to be married later than the next two weeks, we can assist you when the Courthouse reopens,” Czarnezki said.

Nick Montes contributed to this story.