Two charged for keeping autistic man locked in basement

CREATED Jul 11, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 11, 2013

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RACINE - Another person has now been charged in the case of a woman keeping her autistic son locked up in the basement.

43-year-old Sarkis "Sam" Asdigian was charged Tuesday, according to a report from the Racine Journal Times. Asdigian is the live-in boyfriend of 51-year-old Teri Allen, who was charged yesterday.

The case began when a woman called police asking for a welfare check of her grandson, who is autistic. When police arrived at the home, the mother of the boy unlocked the basement door, and police found him sleeping on a dirty mattress.

There was a bucket in the basement for him to use the bathroom.

"[The mother] indicated that when he wants to brush his teeth or wash his face, he has to knock on the door and someone would let him out," said the criminal complaint.

The mom also admitted that her son would have no way to leave the basement, and in the case of a fire, would have no escape. She also said she feeds her son through a hole in the wall.

The woman's son said he had been living in the basement for over a year, and said his mom's boyfriend has pushes him, yells at him and has punched him on at least one occasion.

The boy was removed from the home and placed into protective custody with his grandmother.