New round of tests planned around abandoned factory in Slinger

CREATED Jul 11, 2013

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  • Contractors counted more than 70 commercial-sized barrels of dangerous metal coating substances. Drums are stacked on shelves. Hazardous, toxic chemicals are stored in room after room. The unassuming Niphos Coatings business has been closed since 2010.

SLINGER - Workers are moving forward and testing the ground around an abandoned factory.

Thousands of gallons of hazardous chemicals were cleaned up last year at the former Niphos metal plating facility.

Now testing will determine whether any of the chemicals seeped out and might pose any risk to the surrounding area.

"[testing] would include groundwater monitoring, soil samples, and samples of some of the building materials on the site," said Slinger Village Engineer Jim Haggerty.

The state has contracted with a company, which will do the testing.

The Niphos plant was abandoned in 2010 when the recession took a toll on the business.  In 2012, an inspector found chemicals like nitric acid and sodium cyanide left in the building.

Nearly 9,000 gallons of chemicals were removed from the facility.