Tribe members turn in petition to dissolve Oneida corporation

CREATED Jul 9, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 10, 2013

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ONEIDA - Members of the Oneida Tribe turned in a petition in an attempt to dissolve the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation.

After several failed attempts to build a trash to energy plant those behind the petition say the OSGC is costing the Oneida's money instead of bringing it in.

"What we're trying to do is dissolve the seven gens because of their failure to act and their failure to comply with regulations and failure to give us the reports that we needed," said Franklin Cornelius, a member of the Oneida tribal council.

This battle has been going on for months and in just one week tribal council members have collected more than 350 signatures in favor of severing ties with the OSGC.

"It wasn't so much of us asking them it was them asking us where is that I want to sign that," said Cornelius, when talking about collecting signatures for the petition.

Leah Dodge is heading up this petition and she says tribal members are fed-up with numerous failed attempts to build a trash to energy plant in several communities.

"OSGC has a track record of corporate irresponsibility and the business community hasn't held them accountable," said Dodge.

OSGC released this statement saying, "We have not seen the petition."

They went on to say OSGC received a letter from Cornelius that contains budget information for a different company, saying again, "We can only assume that Ms. Dodge's and Mr. Cornelius' public comments about Oneida Seven Generations are based on this incorrect information."

After today's meeting the petition must be verified and after that it will move on to the Business Committee for action.