Dog found after man drowns attempting to save him

CREATED Jul 9, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 9, 2013

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WEST ALLIS -- Some comfort for a West Allis family who just lost their dad. Bandit the dog is back home. Steve Olewinski, the owner died trying to save the family dog.
The family is happy Bandit is home but the dog's eyes tell a sad story.
Bandit arrived home Monday night after days on the run. The dog and two other family dogs jumped into Shawano Lake during a family boat ride. Steven drowned trying to retrieve them.
Mary Jo was able rescue one dog.
"When I was in the water yelling for help, the boat was going farther and farther away and I just saw the two dogs sitting there looking at me," said Steven's wife Mary Jo.
The second dog made it to shore but Bandit was still missing. He turned up scared and hiding at someone's lake home.
"He was so dirty, but it was nice. It's kind of, very comforting to know that he's back and not wandering," said Mary Jo.
Anyone who knew Steven - and there were many - isn't surprised the West Allis Police Reserve Captain tried to save the family dogs. 
They just can't believe he's gone.
"It's amazing how many people he has touched throughout the years and worked with," said Steven's son Alex. "It's very overwhelming."
"It's been wonderful and it so comforting to me that he helped so many people and so many people thought so highly of him," said Mary Jo.
Including Bandit. The family says they used Steven's jacket and hat to help coax Bandit into the van for the ride home. Steven's funeral is tomorrow.