Milwaukee man a YouTube sensation

CREATED Jul 8, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE -- With more than five million views, a Milwaukee man is having quite the run on YouTube.

 Tim Knoll is 28 years old and rides a bike made for a ten year old. But how many people can say they have five million hits on YouTube for doing this on a bike?
"The rate it blew up was a little bit shocking, it took me by surprise," said Knoll.
BMX is a niche sport and Knoll's cutting edge tricks have caught on.  He does a trick called the bike limbo and he strongly recommends you DON'T try it! So what's his passion?
"There's a certain artistic level of creativity to it as well, just inventing movement with the bike," said Knoll.
Tim's love for BMX involves the whole family. His mother shot some of that video you see on YouTube. His father is very supportive and his brother puts the music together.
"Luckily for me it's getting YouTube views which in turn builds ad revenue, because I just became a YouTube partner. It's pretty cool," said Knoll.
Surprisingly he has no broken bones or stitches after more than a dozens years of falling off his bike, just a few ankle and shoulder surgeries and a pair of ugly legs.
"I get these really really bloody shins," said Knoll.
Knoll wants to create more videos. He hopes he can repeat his 5-million hit success but he knows there's a lot of competition out there.