Three people injured, dog killed in pit bull attack

CREATED Jul 8, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 12, 2013

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KENOSHA – Lois Mogensen truly never saw this coming.

The woman would typically take her dog, Tanner, for walks around her Kenosha neighborhood. The 9 year old Cavalier King Charles loved the attention.

She would often walk her dog past her neighbor’s house. Their backyard fence has a posted, “Beware of Dog” sign.

"I would hear a bark, but I never knew what kind of dog it was," Mogensen said.

Saturday, two pit bulls behind the fence spotted Tanner. Mogensen maintains the dogs muscled their way through the gate and attacked.

"I kneeled down over Tanner, trying to push their mouths away from him, but they were so strong," she explained.

The pair of pits bit through Lois’ thumb. They also managed to injure her son and a neighbor trying to separate the dogs from their target.

"He died in my arms," Lois explained. “I could feel that he had died.”

The dogs, named “Gotti” and “Princess,” are at a Kenosha area humane society while police sort the matter out.

Staffers watching the pets note how they appear to be calm and timid.

"A lot of times, it comes down to socializing. Dogs that have just been in one home for a period of time and haven't been out to dog parks or interactions with other animals and people, it's a fear that builds up in them," said Shelley Malkmus of the Safe Harbor Humane Society.

Lois Mogensen doesn’t know why it happened. She only knows her prized pet is gone.

"They just wanted to destroy my dog," she said.

A day after the attack, Lois bought a new puppy with a striking resemblance to her old friend.  The woman believes the new dog will help deal with the shock and the frustration brought on by the attack.

"I'd like to see those dogs euthanized, I really would. They're vicious," Mogensen explained.

Right now, the pit bulls are under a mandatory quarantine. Police do not yet know if the dog’s owner will face any trouble.

On Friday, the pit bulls' owner, Donna Gardner, agreed to talk to TODAY'S TMJ4. She says backlash from the attack has been overwhelming.

"We're getting death threats outside, coming home," says Gardner. "People standing in front of the home yelling, 'Oh, thats where the vicious dog lives.' Even though my dogs are still alive, they're gone. And it kills me that way, so I can just imagine how she feels having him as long as she has."